Imagine a holiday

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Imagine a holiday Strong man is starting to push them actively trying to reduce an effort of their activity.

This action only amplification Lebanon overwhelming feeling, forcing people to exert more efforts to curb it.

Let's see how this might look like.

Imagine a holiday with my invitation to guests.

She swam all day: I have to create a home perfect order, to make the most delicious cake, surprise guests with its hospitality stvom.

Already on this background, Mr.

accumulate fatigue and irritability.

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Need to take

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Need to take Day passes, two .

That's it! Since the Lord has put us in such a bulky machine, as the digestive tract, nothing to do, we have to use! And the only thing that we not only can, but must USE THEM RIGHT! What is right Also understandable if the hearth mother.

Need to take food that provides all the needs of our body, but are not poisonous and do not clog up the system, and, of course, strictly necessary dimyh currently amounts.

Easy, right And after all this long ago know! But why, then, people still get sick and suffer trying pohu do You ask.

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And so on to infinity. It is in order

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And so on to infinity. It is in order Brain thinks the same way.

We pump it makes, we pumped from it makes.

And so on to infinity.

It is in order to deal with this phenomenon, patients immediately after surgery and placed in skafand ry and recommend wearing underwear oppressive until the skin tighten and .

Now tell me whether really in the southern regions tion of our vast country life yearround walk in almost rubber tights The same Estheticians strongly recommend hu put slowly, gradually, giving the skin time sit together with fat.

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According to the observations

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According to the observations This is the opinion Dr.

Michel de Lorzheri leading expert French National Center for Scientific Research and one of the most authoritative experts on French and Mediterranean diet.

Analyzing the causes of longevity and low mortality from heart disease, says Dr.

de Lorzheri: In my opinion, the Japanese diet is of great value.

According to the observations of the expert, in contrast to the Japanese diet western diet noticeably lacking omega Favor of a diet rich in omega3, proving more and more research.

In 2005, Dr.

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Tidzuko Moriyama

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Tidzuko Moriyama Cut the spinach into small pieces, again pressing out excess water.

Put spinach on plate average, pour the mixture on top of the soy and vinegar and sprinkle with bonito flakes.

Chapter 3: The Seven Secrets of my mother Tokyo cuisine Products give me the mountains, ocean and land.

Tidzuko Moriyama Now let's look at the heart of my mother's kitchen, as well as tens of millions of other specialties of Japanese women.

Mama's dishes are the qualities that make them surprisingly useful and unique in Japanese.

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This is not mandatory, but cha slit

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This is not mandatory, but cha slit Tal can, and they did not.

In average, the ratio between the types of fibers is 60:40 or 70: People often dominated by a solid build slow thinking particles have a lean fast.

This is not mandatory, but cha slit just happens that way.

Fast fibers are not surrounded by intramuscular muscular fat they too antsy.

But honey lennyh zhirok increases with pleasure! And when determining the percentage of divided marble in the body line between subcutaneous fat and muscle almost erased.

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